Have confidence with Photolightning's unique print preview to know that your prints will come out perfectly each and every time.

Stop wasting expensive ink and photo paper! Photolightning gives you the confidence to know you will not waste ink and paper when you print your digital photos.

  • Compose/crop your photos right from Print Preview
  • Automatically add captions
  • Zoom and pan to print just the right portion of your photo

Just press the print button and walk away. Your prints will appear on paper just like they did when you previewed them.

Go from this

1-up 4 x 6 photo before

6-up album page with captions
before composing

To this — with just one click!

1-up 4 x 6 photo — right click to zoom
and pan!

6-up album page with captions — right click to zoom and pan!

Key Features of print preview

  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) functionality
  • Add captions
  • Change position, font, size, color, and emphasis of caption
  • Adjust cropping
  • Zoom and pan a photo to re-compose it within the available print window
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"Photolightning ... turns the often-tedious process of downloading, sharing and printing photos into a quick series of one or two-click steps."

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