"I like the ease by which my photos are accessed and archived. We have a newborn, so I'm sending lots of pictures to family and friends. I can easily email photos and no one has trouble viewing them! "

  "My decision to purchase Photolightning was based almost solely on its obvious very user friendly operation. ... Its ease of use is very rewarding"
"I like the ease of use in Photolightning. The program that came with my camera was very difficult. As soon as I plug in my camera, Photolightning recognizes it and I am on my way. I also like the fact that I can print any size I want."
  "Photolightning program is super easy to use ... I was able to download it and start using it right away without my husband's help - and I am the computer illiterate one in the family! The most important reason I am using it is to print and adjust my family photos ... Ink is expensive and Photolightning keeps you from wasting it."
"I purchased Photolightning for the email feature. I have Portfolio 7 and Photoshop CS but wanted a “quick” and simple way of emailing pictures to people for viewing only. I find your software great to use. Very fast and more important - user friendly!"
  "I have tried a lot of different photo printing programs but I really like Photolightning because it is quick and easy to use."
"The single most important reason for purchasing Photolightning is the ease at which I can email digital images. ... I have tried others only to be disappointed. I downloaded your pogrom on the trial basis. I tried emailing some photos and it was so easy and quick that it only took about five minutes to think about it, and I bought the program without waiting for the trial period to end."
  "I am an avid amateur photographer, and let me tell you, I love all of the features your software has to offer. The single thing I liked most about your software is that I can make and send musical slideshows to my family."
"I have tried almost everything on the market - from Photoshop down - and this is one of the best -- and so easy to use."
  "I love your product. The main reason I purchased it was to better manage my digital photos"
"The reason I bought Photolightning was the superb simplicity use. I have much more complex, and expensive alternative software, but this will save me masses of time."
  "I am 70 years old and needed to have the simplest program I could find. The fact that your program made things easy and also put photos into the body of an email made my decision."
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"Photolightning ... turns the often-tedious process of downloading, sharing and printing photos into a quick series of one or two-click steps."

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