Resize, rename, add captions/watermarks, change format, and change timestamp with just two clicks using Photolightning's Batch Processing functions


Photo modifications

Resizing Photos

  • Resize your photos to standard sizes 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 800 x 600, or 1024 x 768.
  • Resize your photos to a percentage of their original size.
  • Resize the height and width of your photos to a specific pixel size.
  • Resize photos to fit within the boundaries of a rectangle.
  • Choose whether to reduce only, enlarge only, or both reduce and enlarge when working with collections of photos.
  • Select resampling method: Bilinear (fast), Resample (fast), Bicubic (quality).
  • Set set a maximum target output file size in KB.
  • Set JPEG compression ratio.

File format conversion

  • Convert photo files from JPEG (.jpg) to bitmap (.bmp), .tiff, or .png format before saving them.

Add captions/watermarks

  • Add copyright notices, proof marks, or other text to your photos.
  • Set text size, font, bold/italic, color.
  • Independently set transparency of text and transparency of background.
  • Add graphic logos or other similar information to your photos. Supports transparent and non-transparent graphics.
  • Set location of caption/watermark on photo.
  • See a preview of your caption/watermark before adding it.

Remove EXIF information

  • Remove comments, photo date/time, and other EXIF information with just one click.

File modifications

  • File locations: Place the modified photos back into the directory with the originals or to save them in a new directory.
  • Rename photos automatically or create a new name and add a sequence number.
  • Optionally ensure that filenames are web compatible.
  • Change file modification date or creation date. Set date to the original date photo was taken, or another date of your choosing.


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